Friday, May 30, 2008

Shootout: C# .NET vs Java (Benchmarks)

The Computer Language Benchmarks site has benchmarks comparing different languages. It includes C# Mono vs Java but not C# .NET vs Java. So I went through all the benchmarks and here are Java vs .NET results on my computer (3 core phenom + Windows Vista). The command line arguments used were not exactly same as those used by shootout site. For example, they use 16as a command line argument for binarytrees benchmark, but that's too fast on my computer, so I used 20 etc.

All the benchmarks can be downloaded from:

The options used for java were: -server -Xms64m, i.e:
java -server -Xms64m binarytrees 20 > \NULL

(Shorter graph is better in all cases below)

The implementations on shootout site are not exactly same for different languages. Some of the C# implementations can probably be optimized (and probably some of the Java ones too).


Vicente said...

"mono is not ms .net"
what more is needed to say?

Anonymous said...

vicente, lol dude learn2read